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Hola Amigos!! We are back with a bang. TSoC and Inquizitive present to you Divide and Conquer(we couldn't think of a fancier name). After the success of 'Drink N Code', we have come up with yet another one of a kind competition where you get to code and quiz at the same time. Seems interesting, doesn't it?

The event is scheduled from 6-8 pm on 30-Oct-2020 on codeforces.

Contest Rules : 1. Divide and Conquer is a team based competition. Maximum team size is 3 members. Participants can also take part individually. 2. Teams have to solve some coding problems based on Data Structures and Algorithms. Each solved coding question unlocks a trivia question for all the teams. 3. The trivia questions have the same weightage as the coding questions !! 4. Competition is ICPC styled with each question having a certain score which keeps decreasing as the competition further progresses.

Participation fees: Rs.30 per team and a will to learn new things.

1st prize : ₹500 + trophy ( Trophy for India only) 2nd prize : ₹300

P.S. For the coders who say they can't quiz, the questions will be mostly tech related stuff which you must have come across while diving into the wonderful world of computer science.

To register fill out this google form: A special prize awaits the winning team !!

For queries contact : Shyam Agarwal : +91-8670513596 Priyansh Pandey : +91-8319462523

For further updates follow our Instagram handles - TSoC — Inquizitive —

"Best of Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor"

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i dont have a team, can i still participate?? BTW liked the concept …