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Recently I've begun taking CP more seriously and practicing every day. I've been able to get to around 1100 but can't get past that. I've started trying 1100 and 1200 rated problems as those are the ones I struggle to solve in contest. With these problems I've noticed the solution is almost always simple but there's some key observation needed to be found in order to solve them (especially in math).I wanted to know if there's any particular way I should be thinking about and approaching these problems. Or are these observations just something picked up after many problems solved?

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based on what ive heard, mainly it comes from experience. experience makes u learn to look at different angles to approach a problem rather than breaking ur head over only one aproach. also breaking the problem into bits and solving those individual subproblems is another thing ive heard a few top rated coders say. But all of this is relevant only if u are already well familiar with data structures and algorithms. if not, i think thats where u need to focus ur time before starting competitive coding

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    and also dont focus too much on your rating, focus on solving problems with more and more difficulty(ie u should be ur own competition), thats the way to get the best out of urself