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Not for long, I have been using polygon to manage problem creation (so those could be subsequently be posted in a contest of some kind), and while creating a problem, I thought the following dynamic could be interesting to be implemented: The user can, in the beginning of the program, mention the checker that it would either want to print the queries in the problem in an offline manner or an online manner (i.e. the online method could be implemented via an interactive checker of some kind, while the offline method could work normally). But as I am a beginner with the polygon system, I do not know if there could be some way of ''internally'' (i.e. while the contestant's code is being checked) to change the type of the problem to interactive/normal. Is this possible or is it only science fiction?

I do acknowledge the fact that this could be implemented all in an interactive checker, but I do not know how to modify one to accept both types of implementations (offline/ online)

Thanks in advance (hopefully not for downvotes?)

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With existing systems, consider creating two separate problems, and then presenting them as one problem with two sub-problems in the contest. Selecting the mode in a problem is then implemented as selecting the particular problem to submit — not quite what you describe, but close to the point.

Implementing such a switch in Polygon and/or Codeforces sounds like too much work for too little gain. Theoretically, might look sweeter if many more interesting use cases are presented in a compelling way.