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I'm currently working on a problem in Polygon, and I have an issue with rendering mathematical expressions. The expression renders normally on Polygon HTML and PDF, but on Codeforces it just shows as an image that can't be loaded. At first I thought I made a mistake, but the same thing happens with an example from Polygon page.

This is the example I'm trying to render:

Some complex formula:

$$$P(|S - E[S]| \ge t) \le 2 \exp \left( -\frac{2 t^2 n^2}{\sum_{i = 1}^n (b_i - a_i)^2} \right).$$$

This is what renders on Polygon HTML page:

And this is what renders on Codeforces:

My guess is that the problem is somehow related to the limits of the sum, because formulas without them render normally. I would like some help :)

Also, I've seen that a recent problem has successfully used a sum in a formula — 1614D2 - Divan and Kostomuksha (hard version), so I guess it can be done somehow.

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