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I am looking for motivated and inspiring people here who will team up with me. I don't care who you're and where you're from and what you did, as long as you are as motivated as me. It's good.

You might be subject to 30 minutes interview. And you might be also subject to learning new coding languages not limited to Typescript and cLay.

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Do I understand it correctly that the problems in Google Hashcode are similar to what is usually solved in AtCoder Heuristic Contests? Are you going to participate in https://atcoder.jp/contests/ahc007 ? If yes, then what is your AtCoder handle?

As for your recruitment request, I'm just not good enough for your team and I'm also not really convinced that cLay programming language is a good choice. But I may be interested to participate in Google Hashcode 2022 as a member of some other weaker team. So thanks for bringing it up!