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I hate ranting but today's practice session made me want to die.I am really speechless.

So my schedule for today was like this:

1.1100(my rating at my main) as a warmup (failed)

at this time i was thinking "okay not that bad tbh its just a warmup.hopefully i do better at the rest of the day". 2.1300 (failed)

i was still thinking positively.but i did take a break by playing a few game matches.

3.1300 greedy(failed) and dp

it was in the evening i started to feel like giving up.nothing just seems to connect from my previous problems and i felt that i was just wasting my time in front of my laptop reading and seeing answers.note that i do understand the solutions after.

4.1300 constructive and bitwise xor

this is the last problem right before i made this blog.this is the problem that made me furious.

Based on this,i think i won't improve not because i lack the ability,but because it's just impossible to do.it's like when someone taught dp for the first time by giving fibonnaci as an example and expected you to solve knapsack without any prior examples.By common sense how am i going to know?

Tomorrow i'd probably laugh at this blog because life is sometimes funny for me.

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That's because you're not talented. (no offense)

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hmm...? from my point of view more than half of the problems I see out there I've seen something really similar before, so solve more.