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It's that time of the year again!

PAG and SDSLabs, IIT Roorkee bring to you their annual flagship programming contest, Insomnia'17! This time organized as a part of IIT Roorkee's Technical fest, Cognizance.

Contest begins 15:00 IST, 18th March, 2017 .

Contest URL: https://codevillage.sdslabs.co/competitions

It is a team event (consisting of up to 3 members). Contest duration is 24 hours, and problemset consists of problems of varying difficulties hence will be interesting for programmers of all levels, from newbie to grandmaster. It is hosted on our own platform, CodeVillage.

Cash prizes worth 20K INR to be won!
Overall 1st Prize — Rs. 10,000
Indian Teams: 1st Prize — Rs. 6,000, 2nd Prize — Rs. 4,000

You can have a look at Insomnia'16 problems here. (difficulty column gives rough difficulty estimate, and refer this for Editorials).

Problems have been set by members of Programming and Algorithms Group, IIT Roorkee.

Follow the event at our facebook event page.

Contest has Ended. Thanks for taking part, we hope you liked the problemset!

Here are the winners:

1. teamSUM ( zimpha, sfiction and J.T.J.L.)
2. anta (anta)

1. FacelessMen (alecsyde, sahilgrover and TerryMcGinnis)
2. survivor (aditya1495, usaxena95 and harshil)

Problems have been moved to the practice section, they can be found here.

Editorials for all the problems are available here.

You can provide feedback about the set here.

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Spoj Problem: LIS2

I tried this using 2-D BIT, with a time complexity: O(n*logn*logn) but i am getting TLE.

My submitted code: http://ideone.com/kaYVz1

Any ideas?

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