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Hello Codeforces!!

I would like to invite you to CodeQueen-2020, a flagship coding event of Aparoksha- annual TechFest of IIIT Allahabad.

CodeQueen 2020, consists of 2 rounds, Online Preliminary and Onsite Final round. The contest is hosted by IIIT Allahabad. This is an all-girls coding event. Everyone is allowed to participate in the online contest. But Only all girls team will be considered to be a part of the onsite round.

NOTE:- Though it is a girls-only contest, so teams consisting of only girl(s) will be eligible for the onsite round still we encourage everyone to participate. Only Indian teams will make it to onsite (which will be held at IIIT Allahabad).

The Problem set has 6 problems of varying difficulty. CodeQueen-2020 is scheduled for March 14 at 21:00 IST and the contest duration is 3hrs. Also, those teams who have filled the google form will be considered for the onsite rounds. The onsite finals will be held during the Aparoksha It is a team contest with each team consisting of maximum two members.

We are looking forward to your participation. Hurry up and get your team registered by filling up the form — Form Link.

The total prize money is worth INR 25,000.

Problems have been set and tested by Wrishav Bhattacharyya — martingarrix18, Mayank Garg — Psycho_MG_Hunter and Shubham Kumar Jha — hackerwizard

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Hi Guys,few days back I wrote a blog for beginners who want to start competiitve coding. I also stated some common mistakes that beginners make.I thought of sharing it here https://medium.com/nybles/beginners-guide-to-competitive-programming-60300af1ee92

Please give it a read.

Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcomed.

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