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im0qianqian's blog

By im0qianqian, history, 13 months ago, In English,

Hello, I want to ask a question about writing a tutorial. I tried to post a blog in Codeforces many times, but I can't use the LaTeX formula rendered by MathJax normally, and the system will automatically replace it with a picture.

I found that the formulas in many of the contest's tutorials are rendered using MathJax (e.g. Codeforces Round #532 (Div. 2) — Editorial), so I wanted to know how I could do this. In addition, I saw the input box for the tutorial in the problem statement in polygon, but I don't know how to display this tutorial.

I hope I can get your guidance, thank you.

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By im0qianqian, 18 months ago, In English,

I am sorry to bother you, my account has recently had some problems. It was stolen by someone else I didn't know and changed my password and email address. I don't know if I leaked my password, or just hacked by someone else. In short, I can't change my password and email address. I can use it temporarily because my account has not been logged out. I am afraid that he will take my account to do something unethical, such as stealing data from the gym, or deliberately deleting something I have now. I know that if this article is seen by him, it may bring more tragic things, but I can only pray that such things will not happen. I know his email, and I also contacted him through QQ, but I have never received a reply.

I also tried to contact MikeMirzayanov and asked him to change the email address and password for me. I have not received a reply yet. In addition, I want Codeforces to send email confirmations when modifying email addresses, which is more secure.

Finally, if you have recently seen me posting some weird comments, please let me know, my email address is:, thank you!

UPD 2018.08.25:

I don't know why, it has been four days, but I still haven't got my account back, I don't even get an administrator's reply. It made my recent plan very bad, and if I postpone it, the chances of getting my account back will be even smaller!

UPD 2018.08.29:

I just suddenly found out that my account was automatically logged out. I was shocked. I thought I could never use it anymore. But I successfully logged in with my original password, I thought it was changed by Mike for me. When I looked at talks, I found that the hacker left a letter for me. It turned out that he changed the password for me, so I should thank him or hate him? A fun joke. But I don't know what the hacker did with my account. If so, I hope he can tell me.

Thanks to my friend rainbows_ for their recent concern, thanks to MikeMirzayanov and gKseni from Codeforces for their help, and the hacker reminding me that my password is too simple, thanks to everyone for their advice. I also hope that everyone can use strong passwords to prevent their accounts from being compromised.

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