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By indians_cheaters, 3 months ago, In English

Codenation recently conducted a contest for hiring for its Intern & SDE roles. I am expert on Codeforces and the problems were little difficult for me. I tried my best, but only managed to solve 3 and partial in 1.

But recently I saw a linkedin post and realized the mass level of cheating that happened in the contest. I explored a little and these are the screenshots :


I know these incidences have happened before, but during those Codeforces rounds, I just told myself, I will ignore all these things and focus on my learning, but what about this. Due to these people, I don't know how many deserving ones are not getting their chances.

There can be a counterpoint that these people will get rejected in the interview rounds, but what about those people who are are missing their chances due to these shitheads.

This is a linkedin post mentioning previous such incidences

Ashishgup, I don't know who to tag, but can you look into this and forward it to someone at higher authority. Also I have sent you the links of those telegram groups for reference.

In total I found 4 groups/channels in which solutions were circulated. Also, This is the same group who were involved in the mass cheating in Good Bye 2020 Contest. These people will continue doing this and we will keep seeing these cheating threads like this in future if we don't take proper steps.

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