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Hello codeforces community, I want to present to you all my codeforces Virtual Contest Selector to find and participate in virtual contests with friends without any hassle.


Have you ever wanted to participate in a virtual contest and compete along with friends? Have you faced the hassle of finding a common non-attempted contest to participate in?
This is the same problem I had while trying to find virtual contests and, like most other people, searched the net for a solution, but in vain(There was a bot on discord, but it has been discontinued.)
So finding no alternative, I decided to code my own finder. In any case, how hard could it be? Using the codeforces api, JS and random tutorials on the net, I made this simple, yet useful, virtual contest finder.


  • Enter the handle's of participants in the virtual contest. The handle's along with the rating will be added into a table.
  • Click on Show button on the right. All potential contests are displayed, along with the contest code.
  • Clicking on the name of the contest opens the contest dashboard on a new tab.

Points to be noted

  • A contest is excluded from the list only if a person has an AC solution in the contest.
  • For problems common to multiple divisions, only the division through which the problem was solved will be excluded.
  • If an invalid handle is added or a handle is repeated, no error messgase will be displayed, though the handle won't be counted or added to the table.

    Link to the Selector Github Link

Contributions and Feature Requests

  • As I learnt JS just a week back(for this project exclusively), my project is prone to inumerable bugs. Thus, if find any bugs, please don't file bug issues (as I don't know anything in JS, and I can't devote my time to learning it.) Instead, create a pull request addressing the issues.
  • This project was made using a CSS framework called — Semantic UI. You are free to use Bootstrap, if Semantic-UI can't accomplish the required implementation for new features.


  • Support Gym contests
  • Filter contests based on division.
  • Add colours to handle's added into the table(while maintaining the clean UI)
  • Extend contest participation criteria to problems common in multiple divisions.
  • Add alert messages for invalid handle inputs.

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