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Opportunities are hard to find, well ISTE MANIT(NIT BHOPAL) is offering you one. They are back again with the star of the coders' eyes- CODATHON'19 (15th January  — 22nd January). It's the time to show how sharp is your brain, so do a turn, code till your extremity and be the glare of the moment.

Codathon, Inter-NIT Coding Contest is now powered by Paytm- Build for India.


  Best female coder also stand a fair chance to win a cash prize of ₹5,000 by Paytm (women in technology) and a Hackerearth internship.   Best coders will be rewarded with various prizes-

First prize -     ₹10,000

Second prize — ₹7,000

Third prize-     ₹ 5,000

Fourth prize — ₹3,000

Fifth prize -     ₹2,000

And the cherry on the cake,the top ten coders will get an opportunity to be interviewed at Paytm. Last but not least, every participant who would solve a problem will surely be rewarded with a certificate.

Let your code write your destiny. Loads of luck, may the best win. For more details and registration visit - istemanit.in/codathon.


Akshay- (+91)9752415699

Diksha- (+91)9406821052


Why should a Non-NITian guy take part in Codathon?

Apart from the potential internship opportunities at our sponsors Paytm- Build for India, Hackerearth and Coding Blocks, a good performance in Codathon will also decorate your resume and attract interest from recruiters while applying off-campus.

In addition to employment opportunities, consider this as a wonderful opportunity to topple all competition from some of country's most respected institutes, which in itself is a huge confidence booster.

Also, as you must have realised by now, a certificate from such a reputed competition will always come in handy.

Happy Coding :)

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