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I was recently solving problems from 2015 CodeCraft IIIT Hyderabad Replay. I got AC in some problems and got WA in problem H. In order to check other user's submissions I added the contest to one of my groups and as soon as I did that all my submissions of the last 3-4 hours for this contest disappeared.

I can see them in Last submissions tab in the bottom right corner of the problem pages, but I don't see any log in the main submissions tab of my profile, neither on the standings page of the contest.

I get error message You are not allowed to view the requested page when clicking on any submission from the problem page. As an example, what happens when I try to open 20935959 for 100589F - Count Ways:

Has it happened to anyone else? Is it being fixed?

Upd: Thank you _index for providing a partial hack which allows to see the submissions, although it doesn't reflect anywhere like contest page/submission logs/standings. Simply visit this link:


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