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CodeBack is a tool to download all your code submissions from code contest sites — Codeforces, Spoj and Codechef

GITHUB : https://github.com/koldbyte/CodeBackup

How to use it?

1. Enable the checkbox for which you want to fetch submissions.  
2. Enter your handle(username) registered on the website.  
3. Select a directory where you want to save the codes  
4, Select other options as required.  
5. Hit Run.  

CodeBack will save all the Codes and Problem Statement in following directory format :
(Select Directory) / (Handle) / (ContestSite) / (ProblemName) / (ProblemName)-(SubmissionId).(Ext)

1) Sites supported — Codeforces, Spoj and Codechef
2) Fetches Problem statement too
3) Option to overwrite/not overwrite existing code.
4) Cross-platform


Credits: Used some idea from https://github.com/ideamonk/spojbackup for Spoj

1) For fetching code of Codeforces gym submissions, password is also required. So currently, no gym submissions will be downloaded.
2) Add check to verify if the handle is valid.

Please give it a try. Update v2:
I have updated the app.
It is now Java7 compatible.
I also added new features — Fetch all AC submissions.
It also includes some bug fixes.
Download here v2


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