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10 minutes remaining in the contest, but you’re still a few points short of advancing. Armed with your mighty coding powers, the first three problems fall quickly, but problem 4 is proving a tough nut to crack. After four incorrect attempts, your time is running short, and you’re searching desperately for an off-by-one error, an edge case you haven’t considered.

You read the problem statement one more time, and at last, you find it. An integer overflow bug. With a wide grin, you fix the bug with a few quick keystrokes. You upload the source code file...

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By luckytoilet, 3 years ago, In English,

I was looking at the editorial for Round #300 Problem F, where you needed to count how many elements in a range is greater than k. The editorial stated "online data structures for this type of query are rather involved" and proceeds to describe a solution using the simpler Binary Indexed Tree.

Is there any known data structure that can efficiently query "how many elements in this range is greater than k"?

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