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I found on many books regarding bitmasks and found out it is great way of representing selections,status, sets etc. But everywhere they have used an integer or long long int to define a bitmask. But that has a max capacity of 64/128 bits. How to represent more items with bits?

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in the problem Saghher And Nubian Market i am getting an awkward error. I am able to output a more optimal answer, than jury, don't know how is itiwrong (in test case 6) link to my submission. please help, am a newbie. they dont have to be consecutive, but do they have to be in order?

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How to define triplet vectors. I tried {pair<int,pair<int,int>>} but push_back,sort,begin, end are not working with them. Please help.

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Hello CodeForces Community!

I’d like to invite you to participate in CodeChef’s global annual onsite programming contest SnackDown 2017 Qualifier which starts day after tomorrow i.e. 20th May, 2017. This time there are no restrictions on team formation (except max size of two). So, that leaves us with no reason to not take part in the contest. I am certain you will enjoy not only the exciting finale setup but also the brilliant problems.


You can register in a team of two or can go solo into the contest. The Online Qualifier starts at 20th May,2017.

If you are yet to register, you can do so here:


Along with the cash prizes for Global Winners, there are special prizes for Best School Team, Best Girls team and Best Indian Team (the total cash prizes are worth $20,500). The winning team shall win a whooping cash prize of $10,000. Top 300 Teams In the Elimination Round will get a cool SnackDown t-shirt. Every team member of the qualifying teams for the elimination round will get a domain name from Radix registry. Certificate of Participation-All the teams advancing from the Qualifiers to further rounds will receive a digital certificate of Participation from CodeChef.

Previous Years:

Last years star-studded final was won by pattern_avoid team (Gennady Korotkevich and Borys Minaiev).

Sponsorship for onsite round:

Travel expenses of the top 25 teams: Top 15 teams will be entitled for an all expense paid trip to Mumbai. The top 15 Indian teams that arrive at the finale will be entitled for an all expense paid trip to Mumbai. (Provided that they do qualify for the onsite finale. The top 10 teams are guaranteed an entry. The next 5 Indian teams have to be in top 100 of the Elimination round to be eligible for onsite finale. See rule 4 above under Onsite Finale).

For more elaborate rules click here.

Also, taking into consideration the previous discussions regarding the timing of online elimination round of the contest, the organizers had done a poll beforehand, so as to satisfy time demands by more contestants.

I hope you like the new timings and that will enjoy the contest till the very end. That will be all from my side for now. See you all at the contest. Regards, Ciao, Siba Prasad Tripathy (manvscode)

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