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Codeforces Round #388 (Div. 2) First at all, I want to complain about compiler!

Same code for problem D, I tried on my PC and on ideone, it's all fine. But it got CE on Codeforces compiler, then I changed lang to G++14 6.1.0, it got passed. So I got 2 wrong submissions and that wasn't my fail.

But that's no the worst!

When system testing end, I got AC at A B C D. And while i'm waiting for rating change, I found that my codes were skipped, without a announcement or reason.


I'm looking forward to receiving feedback from pitfall and thank you in advance! GG!

UPD: This is my fail not setting privacy on ideone, but plz don't down vote, I had a really bad night, I don't wanna get negative contribution anymore :(

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