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Yesterday was the day full of programming contests. We had TCO Round 1A and GCJ Qualification Round. But we had also Wielka Przesmycka — a contest organised by my university with almost 20 years of tradition.

Tasks were prepared by gawry. This year for the first time competition was held on http://www.solve.edu.pl — a judge system created by pokorski.

There were 6 tasks for 5 hours, each one in two versions: basic and professional. For solved task in basic version you received 1 point, for professional version — 2 points. If you solved both versions you received 2 points.

Awarded contestants in Wielka Przesmycka 2015.

Open category:

  1. Błażej Magnowski (johnasselta) — 10 points
  2. Marek Sommer (mareksom) — 10 points
  3. Marek Sokołowski (mnbvmar) — 10 points
  4. Marcin Smulewicz (Marcin_smu) — 10 points
  5. Anna Piekarska (ania) — 8 points
  6. Bartosz Tarnawski — 8 points
  7. Jarosław Kwiecień (rudy102) — 7 points
  8. Michał Bartoszkiewicz — 7 points
  9. Artur Kraska (arti1990) — 6 points
  10. Maciej Gawron — 6 points

Juniors category:

  1. Jarosław Kwiecień (rudy102) — 7 points
  2. Anadi Agrawal — 6 points
  3. Martyna Siejba — 6 points

I was a little bit unlucky finishing 11th. It was good performance, I was ahead many great competitive programmers. But it's always a pity when you're just below the awards.

I'm really happy about juniors performance. Next week there will be Polish Olympiad in Informatics finals. Jarek Kwiecień is last year winner and he confirmed his good shape before the competition. I'm also pretty convinced that Martyna will better her last year result (honorable mention).

Anadi is only 16 and he finished 15th among plenty of experienced competitors. He did impressive progress during last year and I hope he will achieve great things in competitive programming.

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