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I have seen profiles Legendary Grandmasters and Grandmasters which are more than 10 years old. We dont know much about them like — when did they start competitive programming?, and how old are they today?.

We are interested to know:

  1. If you are still in college? If not, then how do are you able to still practice algorithm and compete in CodeFroces after your busy work schedule?

  2. what are you guys doing now after graduating from college?

  3. Why do you still compete in competitive coding even after graduating from college? I am guessing some of you might be in Development Job / Research / Teaching etc. How are you able to spend time on codeforces from your daily life schedule? Do you still think competitive coding is still fun?

About me: I graduated 5yr years back. I started CP in my last semester, and I became yellow rating on Codechef before I got my degree, [targeting blue now]

Thank you

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