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Mwa ha ha ha ha I'm the mad sports programmer (sp) Hououin Riela! The organization sent my archnemesis "teja[put some numbers here]" to interfere with our operations. However I'll break the convergence to change the worlds control structure. __

To the point gentlemen, in my opinion, topcoder was always one of the best sp sites. The main problem with tc is that we have to use an applet to compete, and you have to install java, configure security options, then configure plugins, ...

They tried to create a web arena, however it was a failure (you can't even practice in that arena, and there are no plugins). Afaik, they are again constructing a new arena (not sure how is the current status).

Some people think that the rating formula in tc is not accurate, there are usually 3 problems, there are no strong pretests and sometimes even reds end up without solving a single problem! and that cause big fluctuations in rating. However, I think that the rating formula is good, and your points will eventually converge to some interval.

Usually tc provides high quality problems (they used to have a legendary admin), however imho the last tco featured very easy problems (sorry misof).

I noticed that now tc is sending emails as reminders, and also hmehta is posting announcements and editorials in cf.

Last week I realized a cf experiment by posting here a trivia/survey. One of the questions was "who is the biggest competitor of cf?", these were the results:

Do you think topcoder is getting great again? how can they improve?

btw, help me improve my english by pointing grammar, syntax, ... errors

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By riela, history, 8 days ago, In English,

cp addiction is a very common disease among coders. You can check the symptoms in the following link http://codeforces.com/blog/entry/12968

cp addiction impacts on many software companies. Many coders spend more time on codeforces rather than on their projects, also some employees skip working days just to take part in cf rounds. That is why some companies have considered to block codeforces by adding it to the firewall!

Even Mike was trying to find a cure by adding a [delete account] feature, you can see it here: http://codeforces.com/blog/entry/59406

... However so far curing cp addiction is an open problem.

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By riela, history, 2 weeks ago, In English,

Since now I know that cp T-shirts exist, I got courious about the distribution of t-shirts per contestant.

How many cp t-shirts do you have? who has the more t-shirts?

I heard that some people keep an influx of t-shirts in such a way that they don't have to wash them!

If Petr competed during 15 years, getting 6 t-shirts per year, I guess that he has about 90 t-shirts!

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By riela, history, 3 weeks ago, In English,

I've seen some cp sites that ussually offers t-shirts as a prize.

If I'm not mistaken even cf has an official T-shirt (btw, how many of you have one?)

However it seems is just a myth because none of the t-shirts I won has arrived. In particular, neither topcoder open, facebook cup, yandex, ...

Does cp t-shirts really exist?

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By riela, history, 5 weeks ago, In English,

It seems USA is excelling in recent competitions.

This year USA won both IMO and IOI. Congrats James Li and Benq! (note that both have chinese surnames :) )

The challenger for the world chess championship is Caruana (also from USA, although some people says that he is italian).

Is USA getting great again? does the Trump administration is the cause of this notorious coincidences?

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