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Hello everyone! I have created a tool to create graphs and visualise graph algorithms — Graph Visualiser. It can be used to visualise graph algorithms in a step-by-step fashion. By adding just a few lines in your code of an algorithm, you can create a list of animation events which can then be viewed by the app.

pic Here I have used the app to demonstrate Tarjan's algorithm to find Strongly Connected Components.

pic Here I have used the app to demonstrate Kruskal's algorithm to find Minimum Spanning Tree. The animations are created using the GraphAnimator library (available for C++ and Java).

You can also create graphs in the app as shown below. pic

Download Graph Visualiser:- Windows Linux

EDIT: Note to Linux users: The setup requires you to copy some files into /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu. Some files might be replaced. Please take a back up of these files or try using LD_LIBRARY_PATH for dynamic linking.

The zip file contains a pdf which has instructions on how to setup the app as well as information on all the features provided by the app. The zip file also contains sample codes.

Demos:- Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3

Happy Coding and Happy New Year in advance!

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