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I have been done a little python project to get back all of my Accepted submission's code. I think it will be very helpful for you also. It is very simple and lightweight . After all I try to make it as much simple as I can . It is an open source project . If you want to contribute on this project feel free to fork this project and code it.

Khajana is a python project to download all your accepted submissions code from code contest sites — Codeforces



  • Downloads accepted code from codeforces OJ.
  • See total submission.
  • See total Acception number.
  • Language support C/C++,Java,Python,Kotlin (Without these it save your code in .txt extension).

Note:- Khajana will save all the Codes and Problem Statement in following directory format :
(Online Judge) / (Handle) /(ProblemName.(Ext)

You can not get your gym accepted submission code.(It will be available in next version update)


  • Python 3


  • beautifulsoup4==4.9.3
  • bs4==0.0.1
  • certifi==2020.12.5
  • chardet==4.0.0
  • idna==2.10
  • requests==2.25.1
  • soupsieve==2.1
  • urllib3==1.26.2

Note:- You can install this all packages with this command — "pip install -r requirements.txt"

How to use it

1. Clone this repository  
2. Run terminal/cmd in project directory
3. Hit command "pip install -r requirements.txt" 
4, Hit command "python"  
5. Enjoy!


If you have found a bug or have an feature request, feel free to fork & code it. And don't forget to send pull requests.

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Is there any problem in uvalive judge system ?

Link of the problem :

Same problem in Codechef :

my solution get AC in Codechef . I submited my solution these two different Online Judge but uvalive always giving WA .

Here is my solution :

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I am facing some trouble in topcoder online judge .It is not same as other online judge .

I want to see my submissions of past SRM or other contest .

What is the way to see my submissions like codeforces .

and where i see my rank and graph also.

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