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My solution for the problem 1395C - Boboniu и битовые операции of the contest Codeforces Round #664 (Div. 2) was uphacked by lightbender after the contest. So I was looking for the same mistake in other participants' code and found another user with code giving the wrong output on the same test case. Thanks yellow_13 for finding the test case. I feel that many incorrect codes might have been accepted because of weak test cases.

My Submission:- 89709001

Other Submission:- 89699186

The solution fails for the test case

3 2

3 10 128

130 137

The output should be 130 but the code outputs 131. This is the second time in last 3 contests that incorrect codes have been accepted due to weak test cases. I ask the Codeforces community and sshwyR to look into it.

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