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I hate the fact that I have to write this blog right now but there are many people on this site who have probably fallen to some scams. This is the story about how I might have almost lost my Codeforces account. I am not sure what happened between 2021 and 2022 for the amount of scams to rise this rapidly.

I have seen blogs talking about scams being sent in direct messages and thought to myself "wow, these are obviously scams there is no way anyone would fall for them". These messages are very low effort and can easily be identified as a scam (look at this blog). It seems the main purpose of these types of phishing scams is to steal your account password so if you get a message like this, PLEASE don't click the link.

If you are wondering why people are trying to take your account (given it is high rated), a few reasons I can come up with are

  • to hold ransom and ask you for money in order to give your account back to you
  • sell the account to another person
  • change the account name during New Years Magic and pretend its their own (to fake job interviews and such)
  • have another account for the near coin thing

Another type of scam revolves around Cryptocurrency and such. If you get a message saying that you won 1000 dollars worth of Monogon-PurpleCrayon Token (yes, they have very silly names), please don't click on them because you did not, in fact, win anything. If the message asks you to send a message to another account, don't do that either and just ignore the messages.

Anyways those are the extremely obvious scams that not that many people fall for. Today, I received a scam that was not so obvious and I almost lost my account.

If you take a look at this email from the official Codeforces gmail account and compare it with an email I received this morning, you can see that someone in a panic might confuse the two and think the second one is real as well.

If you had just received an email from Codeforces saying that your account was hacked, would you not be alarmed as well? The email looks almost the same except for a few small details that someone who is panicked might overlook. Firstly, the email addresses are extremely similar except for a few minor details. If you get an email from Codeforces asking you to do something with your account, make sure the email is one of these two ( or

The second difference is the poor english. I did not think much of the poor English and thought it was a translation error from Russian to English.

When I hovered over the link and was about to click on it, it showed as a redirect to some page that seems to be unavailable now (codeforces but with a 'b' where the 'd' goes — very clever scammers. The page looks like the real sign in page). This is when I realized that I was about to give my account details to some scammers and immediately checked the email address, and to my relief, it was a fake one. The amount of scams on this site now-days is scary and extremely alarming. It seems the scams evolve with the website and just get more realistic as time passes.

General rules to stay safe

  1. Don't click on any links
  2. Set users who can send me talks to Expert Newbie and above so unrated alts can't dm you
  3. Set your email to private on your profile(unless you have some other reason to have it public)
  4. Don't click on any links
  5. If something is too good to be true, then it is not true
  6. tourist does not want to give you 500 free Errichto Coin. He does not want you to message his alt account on codeforces your account password in order for him to give you the Coin
  7. Don't click on any links

I have created a fun and interactive test to see if you understood the rules or not here.

Let's see what plans MikeMirzayanov has to discipline and prevent these scammers from preying on innocent people.


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By sus, history, 13 months ago, In English

As if writing this it is September 7th, 12:04 PM PST

I hit number 10 spot yesterday on September 6th at around 5:20 PM PST and since then a lot has happened.

First off I would like to thank all those who have congratulated me both on discord and codeforces. My email is flooded with mentions and comment replies so thanks ig. Individuals I would like to thank-

To jli505, dutin, oursaco, jchen05, gnahz, BossBobster, and bunny676 — I really didn't believe I could hit this spot. After getting around 140 contribution, it seemed that 1 contribution took around 100 upvotes which was insane for me at the time. I lost all hope, but you guys gave me the motivation I needed.

To Monogon for giving me guidance and being a funny person on codeforces. Your blog about the contribution leaderboards is really, really good and I don't think anyone can top that

To PurpleCrayon, BucketPotato, moo., lunchbox — thank you for creating gyrating cats and giving me inspiration for my favorite blog that I had the most fun writing (its deleted but I still saved screenshots).

And to all those others who have upvoted me, thanks; I really appreciate each of those upvotes.

A few notes I would like to mention.

  1. Please do not make blogs congratulating me or asking to give me upvotes. I appreciate all that, but those are starting to clog up recent actions. Just send me a message or comment on one of my very recent blogs.

  2. Please do not necropost on my old blogs. It really just goes back to the clogging up recent actions page and takes away from other blogs time in the side panel.

  3. Please read (and upvote!) PurpleCrayon's blog Due to the ruckus from my blogs and others related to me, his blog was shoved out of Recent Actions and it definitely deserves more people to see it.

  4. Please friend me I'm trying to hit 420 friends

Again thanks everyone for supporting me and sticking with me all this time. I think I will take a break from writing blogs for a while now but I will still stay active and comment, so this is sus, signing off.



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By sus, history, 13 months ago, In English

We finish where we started, so here goes nothing. (For those who don't understand, my first blog followed this format)

The top new protagonists of AnimeForces, sept 2021.

Anime Rainboy:


Anime Errichto:


Anime Ecnerwala:


Bonus — Iconic Photo of Tourist but Anime:


[also friend me I am trying to hit 420 friends]

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By sus, history, 13 months ago, In English

Lets say that you wanted to write a tutorial about Li Chao Segment tree or how Elegia's mind works but you dont know how to write it or where to even begin. Don't worry because this blog will help you start off and get 4k upvotes(note: specified number of upvotes will only come if you write about Elegia's mind).

The first thing people see about your blog is the title. Unless it is in top(in that case you probably already know how to write a good blog), then people will be clicking on it from Recent Actions. If the blog is a contest announcement, a tutorial, or a blog asking for help on a problem, then keeping the title short and concise will help. A certain level of formality should be held when writing the title because it encases everything that you are writing about. You should, however, include description in your title. Simply saying "I have a question" or something similar to that isn't helpful to anyone.

A good title:


A bad title (sorry 255 I had to call you out on this):


The next thing people will see about the blog is the way that you start writing it — the "hook" as your English teachers once taught you. Normally this should be an overview about what the whole blog will be about in a little bit more detail, and if this part is boring or not clear, people will click off the blog.

The main body of the blog is really up to you. You can take whatever approach when writing a blog about a tutorial — some approaches I have seen are comical (making many jokes in the tutorial), serious (getting straight to the point of the blog) and Elegia (refer to image below). This entire part is up for you and should align with your previous blog writing type.

Elegia please explain


Adding images, code, latex or even simple breaks in the paragraphs of a blog greatly increases reader attention. Most of the contest announcements and even tutorials have images to some extent, and this refocuses the reader to the next section. Images are also helpful to convey messages that will take too long to type and also add a little bit of color to your blog.

Good use of images from a tutorial blog (purplecrayon's)


The conclusion of the blog should wrap up the entirety of the blog in a short few sentences. It should also prompt the reader to think about what you said and not simply forget it.

Thats all there is to Codeforces Blogs. Please consider upvoting if you want to see a grey in top contributors and also friend me because I want to hit exactly 420 friends.

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By sus, history, 13 months ago, In English

All these contests give away shirts as a prize:

Codeforces Global Round 1

Codeforces Global Round 2

Codeforces Global Round 3

Codeforces Global Round 4

Codeforces Global Round 5

Codeforces Global Round 6

Codeforces Global Round 7

Codeforces Global Round 8

Codeforces Global Round 9

Codeforces Global Round 10

Codeforces Global Round 11

Codeforces Global Round 12

Codeforces Global Round 13

Codeforces Global Round 14

Codeforces Global Round 15

VK Cup 2012

VK Cup 2013

VK Cup 2014

VK Cup 2015

VK Cup 2016

VK Cup 2017

VK Cup 2018

VK Cup 2019

VK Cup 2020

VK Cup 2021

Technocup 2017

Technocup 2018

Technocup 2019

Technocup 2020

Technocup 2021

Deltix Spring 2021

Deltix Summer 2021

Latoken Round 1

Grakn Forces 2020

Raif Round 1

Looksery Cup 2015

Hacktober fest 2015

Hacktober fest 2017

Hacktober fest 2018

Codefest 2019

Codescapes Cup

Wunder Fund 2016

Avito cool challenge 2018

Kotlin Heros Episode 4

Kotlin Heros Episode 7

Ozon Tech Challenge 2020

VRt Contest 2019

All the contests that gave away pants:


You get the point. My fingers are tired from writing all this. Basically so many contests have given away shirts so far but not a single one in the history of codeforces has given away a pair of pants.


Now how is Errichto going to go about his day with 200+ t-shirts but not a single pair of pants?


Petr cannot go outside to buy bedsheets because he has no pants, so he had to make his own bedsheet!

I would like to see the prize of the next contest have a singular pair of pants as well as its 30000000 t-shirts. Please consider because we all need some pants.

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By sus, history, 14 months ago, In English

Finally after 3 months I find the motivation to make this blog as I promised I would in the last one. Lets start without any more hinderance.

Part 1 for those who missed it: here. Season 2 will not make any sense at all if you don't read Season 1.

Codeforces is currently in a cycle of change. Its been 11 years since its founding and many legends have came and gone. The leaderboard is swapping out names at an alarming rate, bringing in new programmers to replace the old ones. With new programmers comes new friends, heroes and enemies. Since there needs to be a uniform theme with the original Season, some of the old characters remain.

Lets revisit the protagonist of Season 1 again — scott_wu. I said it before and I will say it again. He dies. All good things come to an end and for this new chapter in codeforces, so sadly, he does perish. Either dying in the last battle with Um_nik by sacrificing himself for the greater good or by some freak accident before Season 2, he perishes. Beloved to all those who remember him for his good heart and soul, he will not go forgotten.

A new hero approaches — sunset. Taking the competitive programming community by a storm after dethroning tourist's legacy of first place for 7 straight years at Google Code Jam, he burns with newfound power.


But the hero is only as good his adversary

In my last blog, I stated that Um_nik was the main villain, and like any good anime, the Season 1 protagonist defeats the villain and the rest of the charectors move on, rebuilding their lives from the conflict. This is the end of the road for this fan favorite antagonist, so we shall say goodbye. However, peace can never be kept in any interesting anime, so a new villain rises out of his ashes.


Errichto. Yes I truly believe that he has the potential to rival Um_nik's legacy, even overturn it perhaps. Errichto is the least likely to be seen as a villain, which is why he is perfect for Season 2. He was a mere side character in Season 1 given brief screen time and limited plot relevance, but something happened to him that caused him to turn.

In Season 1, Radewoosh was seen as the hero's close friend. I stated that he had a love plot going on, and at this point in Season 2, he walks away from the conflict and started a new life with his beloved. His skill somewhat mirrored scott_wu's, so the best friend of Sunset should be PurpleCrayon.


A new spin on the whole anime, adding a dynamic character who still didn't reach his full potential, but is starting to discover his immense capabilities. PurpleCrayon will be a loyal, kind, and helpful friend who sticks with the protagonist throughout all of his struggles, possibly continuing this friendship into Season 3 (no promises this time, could be a while for it to come out).


Petr was mentioned as a separate villain who turned good and even potentially helped scott_wu in Season 1, and I believe that in Season 2, he continues this amicable relationship with the protagonist. Even though there is a new hero, Petr will befriend Sunset in order to restore the balance that scott_wu gave his life to maintain.


Benq ages even more in this Season, and with age comes even more wisdom. Benq will be a little bit sadder and reserved in Season 2 since his favorite student passed away. However, he will still help guide Sunset with his quest and share his insight.


tourist, having recently lost his first place to sunset at GCJ would hold a grudge. He won't interfere with Sunset and Errichto's conflict, but scenes in Season 2 depict him watching, taking notes, and analyzing Sunset, leading everyone to infer that he would most likely be the villain of Season 3.

Thank you so much for reading, I had quite a bit of fun writing this since programming all the time does get boring. I genuinely appreciate each one of you who have upvoted my last Season and I wish you all a good day. This is the end of Season 2, and the winner of the Errichto vs Sunset conflict is something that you can decide with your own imagination.

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By sus, history, 14 months ago, In English

We have all seen those LGMs and GMs who have anime waifu pictures, and a few that even worship them a bit too far (Sexpert). All this shows are the regular stereotypes associated with anime enjoyers such as these users don't step outside their house, probably shower once every full moon and have had 0 female interaction these last few years. But there has to be a more statistical reason behind this decision to mark oneself as a social outcast. After many months of research (yes I haven't made a single blog in months for this reason) and multiple theories, I can prove that using an anime waifu profile picture will improve your rating, your cp skills and your mentality on code. Here's why.

Let us first examine the rating graphs of users with anime waifu profile pictures compared to those without. To start off, we have none other than our Sexpert. Compare his rating graph with another unnamed user around the same rating without an anime icon and we can see that Ari has been steadily gaining rating without loosing much, while the other has been fighting a long battle to reach this point. To those who say that my evidence is bs because I am cherry-picking a specific case, well you aren't wrong.

Ari's graph


Non anime waifu pfp user's graph — although his pfp is quite nice


Now that my indisputable evidence that anime pfp's increase your rating more has been shared, I want to talk about the theories about why this is the case.

The waifu believes in you theory This theory states that since you have a waifu profile icon, every time you open the site or take part in a contest, you always see your own icon. You lock eyes with your waifu as she tells you that she believes in you and that you can get to cm this contest. Not wanting to let her down, you try your hardest and unlock potential that you never knew you had, easily getting to LGM in a single contest. This motivation is what keeps you going and makes you soar past your original goals.

The outcast theory The outcast theory states that since you mark ourself as a social outcast with the anime profile picture, you are motivated to do better in contests to prove to others that you are actually good at life. Its a simple spell to do better since you are stuck in this negative cycle of wanting to prove to others you aren't a failure.

With these explanations of the anime phenomenon, I wish to present one last shred of evidence — myself.

Look at my graph. Back when I started cf and I had my rating boost, my rating graph resembled a downwards opening parabola, and when I tried to revive my rating in April, it just sunk even more, resembling the elephant in the snake illustration from The Little Prince book. But now, a few months later, I changed my profile picture to an animated waifu from Genshin impact, you can see that my rating grew upwards with an almost vertical lift.

Downward opening parabola resembling feature Screen-Shot-2021-08-03-at-12-06-07-PM


Little Prince elephant in snake drawing resembling feature (for those who get the reference) Screen-Shot-2021-08-03-at-12-06-10-PM


Rating increase because of anime profile picture



This concludes my blog as to why anime waifus make you perform better in contests. Remember that your waifu always loves you! This blog has been written for comedic purposes no I am not this down bad irl. Also gyrating cat cult has been abolished since we got collectively 1.5k downvotes on a blog however gyrating cats counted as anime girls

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By sus, history, 17 months ago, In English

You guys loved

Part 1 ->

Part 2 ->

Part 3 ->

So here is the completed entire plot of the codeforces anime lore

To start off, I think Um_nik would be the main villain. I mean just look at the anime version of him


If he doesn't look like someone who would be walking around with a boss bar above his head in real life idk what reality even is. He is the badass who wears sunglasses indoors.

Next we have the protagonist of the entire anime: scott_wu.


He just gives off protagonist vibes. Someone commented that he would probably die in the second season on my blog post and I think that I just might agree since he looks so innocent. His best friend/mentor would probably be Radewoosh


Radewoosh seems to be the friend of the protagonist who also has a separate love plot going on in the background of the main anime. He looks just so friendly and the type of person who would take the innocent protagonist under his wing.

Next up is Petr.


Now where do I start with Petr. He seems like that one badass person who the viewers all think is a villian in the anime but he actually is either a good guy and helps the protagonist or turns good later on in the anime. I think we all want a friend like Petr irl.

To train them all to fight against um_nik, I think Benq would be the master/sensei. He gives off these rays of wisdom in his anime pic


Although he is a bit younger in this photo, add a little bit of grey hairs and a light beard and you got yourself the wise master who would sacrifice himself to save the protagonist in the anime.

Finally, we have tourist.


Now I really don't know where tourist would fall in this plot. He seems too nice to be a villain, too cool looking to be a protagonist, too young looking to be a mentor, too cold looking to be a friend or lover. Please write in the comments where he falls because I honestly have 0 clue. tourist is just a legend.

That wraps up the cf anime 2021 season 1. I will post a season 2 if this does well and I hope you enjoy!!!

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By sus, history, 19 months ago, In English
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By sus, history, 19 months ago, In English

Here are the top anime protagonists from code forces 2021. If you have someone different, leave him in the comment. Otherwise, enjoy anime BenQ and tourist.



[Edit] Part 2 out now ->

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