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By thethong.ngu, 7 years ago, In English

Hello everyone! I am Vietnamese. I write this blog to talk about the time of contests in Codeforces. As you know, almost contests on Codeforces begin at 19:00 in Russian, so that is 23:30 in Vietnam. It's very hard for coders in Vietnam and many other countries. Because that's too tired to take part in. I don't ask to change time of contests to another time. I just want to find some ways to make more easier for me and other people like me. Are there anyone has idea about this problem ?

This is my idea :

We can create a long contest like USACO but the duration is shorter (maybe 7-8 hours) and each person can choose their approriate time to take part in, but everyone just only has 2,5 hours (or ...) to solve all of the problems.

I'm glad to hearing other ideas from you. Share your idea to make Codeforces better!

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