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I recently participated in the div 3 contest and tried to solve problem D : Distinct character queries with Square Root Decomposition using a 2D array like block[denoting_which_block][charfreq] and it passed all the 50 odd pretests during contest and I was over the moon because I just recently learned this concept. But today morning, it was hacked sadly :( And I want to know why the solution fails? Should I have used seg/fenwick? This is my submission The thing is we keep looking for a small indication to denote our improvement every single time and feels bad to not grow despite practise

Thanks :)


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By thor1234, history, 12 months ago, In English,

I know that this will garner a lot of scepticism or downvotes but I want to put my point across and trudge on

I was planning on seriously working towards improving my competitive coding skills . So I thought I'd first get through mostafa.saad.fci Junior Training Sheet

But looking at the sheer size of it , it's a bit daunting . And when in doubt , to stay on track and be focused , you always raise a pack .

I'm looking for people with rating < 1400 mainly ,(greater rating people can of course join if they are so inclined) to solve problems with from the sheet Mainly motivated,honest,consistent people with a desire to be better and wouldn't throw lot of excuses

  1. We'll try to solve problems on our own and discuss our different approaches
  2. Help each other out in case one of us has been struggling on a problem for a long time .
  3. Only see the editorial in case we've completely solved the problem to compare our approaches or are totally lost
  4. Solve at least 1 problem per day from our codeforces profile

We can maybe form a telegram group and converse about the problems daily and post screenshots about the status of submissions and update the aforementioned excel sheet and post a weekly update blog here on codeforces

I am well aware that this is not going to be some Petr-level post/blog but just an aspiration of someone who wants to grow as a group

Now I know it might be absurd to some of ya that me , a gray coder is proposing all this but dreaming about what is impossible or hard to attain is what makes us beautifully fragile humans .

Interested People can reply in the comments

Thank You and Dream On

UPD : Link to telegram group for interested people : Link

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By thor1234, history, 12 months ago, In English,

I'm not all that proficient with Competitive Coding though I'd like to be .

I've been practising for some time now and before I struggled to solve 1 , now I solve 2 in contests and recently reached 3 star in Codechef

Started reading 10-20 pages of CLRS / Competitive Programmer's handbook every day

But sometimes the elegant solutions elude me . When I read the editorial I get it but don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier and feel like I'll not get way better :/

Though my knowledge of data structures and algo are slowly improvin , I don't know how to hone my problem solving skills (I practise solvin')

And this is rare because my optimism never diminishes normally .

Have any of you faced this and how did you come out of this "code slump" and any tips on improving codin will be deeply appreciated ?

When normalcy is the only distinction in coding you feel you can reach not heights of greatness

And also , could anyone enlighten me on why my O(nlogn) solution in java failed :( : Subtraction

Thanks for your time , cp and the community are truly awesome :)

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