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By votick, 7 years ago, In English

I often enjoy looking through the top rated users here on CF and seeing the progress chart on their profile, it is really motivating to see where the current grandmasters where say 2,3,4+ years ago.

For example there are users I've found such as RAVEman who just launched out of the starting line with force as shown:

There are also users who started off with a consistent pace, and then hit a peak somewhere midway (I always wonder what caused this). For example ACRush

Lastly my personal favorite profile to look at for inspiration is matrix. This user started just a bit higher than I have, with early days greatly resembling my own progress chart. I especially like how much it bounces around, purple/green/back to purple. Shows the determination of the user!

I know that there is a lot more than just a picture to tell the story; but these charts can be a good indicator of the mindset behind the coder, in my opinion.

Are there any progress charts you found particularly interesting? Perhaps anyone who you look to for motivation, a friend, or even your own if you have a story to tell?

I'm personally shifting between green/grey as my profile shows; but I'd like to think that with some hard (smart) training, I can progress over the next few years like some of you. Only time will tell.

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