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I believe time is important and checking the rating, again and again, can be bad for productivity
I've made a script you can use, which will automatically notify you once the ratings change. Find it here

Update: I changed the script to pass through any errors like network or server down (of course except KeyboardInterrupt)
HELP: If the ratings still remain the same (unlikely and rare, but possible) how do I notify? can you think of a workaround?

For details how the script is running read more:
basically, I fetched the html code for your profile page. I observed that the rating always lie in the info class div and between " style="font-weight:bold;"> and </span>
I used that to scrape the rating by splitting the string by above observations and after comparing repeatedly to current rating curr you get notified. As simple as that!

When I got the Idea, I went on googling the next one hour and went on to see an Episode of suits :P
Then this happened.

It felt Like magic because I had forgotten that the script is running
Lastly Thanks for reading!
PS: Even though it's just blue, it was a thing to celebrate for me :)

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By yagyanshbhatia, history, 13 months ago, In English,

While solving the problem http://codeforces.com/contest/264/problem/A I submitted the solution but it's giving RTE on test case 41. Any help?

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