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I started Cp when I was 21.
Right now, I am 20 and hopeful :)


MikeMirzayanov please make aryanc403 coordinator, people who agree with me, sign this petition, let's have a round every day for a week :)

On ProgSlackingCodeforces Round #641, 2 months ago

I'll have dinner on time :)

On err0rPerfect Bipartite Matching, 2 months ago

I guess you can wait till 11th May :P

On dapingguo8Jugding System is offline?, 2 months ago

Why not make the generators/validators public once the problems get added to problemset, I can just run the solution on my local machine after that and not submit on CF in the first place, am fine with that not showing up on my submissions page either.
Mike did mention doing this in a very old blog but I can't find it right now.This would certainly help reduce the load on the servers.

I would love to see participants cursing Algomarshal more than the problem setters :)

If you are so proud that your "content" is helping students and hence they should pay you if they get placed after your course irrespective of you not helping with referrals,stop advertising your placement records, start advertising your content, see 444iq's comment here and you'll realise majority of the students join for referrals and that's what tier 3 students are lacking,
we don't directly get opportunity to interview at FANG, if someone asks me to join a course which "Prepares me for future job and gets me a referral for Google", we both know why i'll join :)
I am sorry for mentioning about upvotes, we'll get back to that later

Maybe my comment wasn't clear.
I am not against the postpaid model, I am against the students being charged for companies you didn't help them secure.
Run a survey and ask for honest opinion why students join your institute, is it for referral or for "educational skilling", you'll get your answer,I never saw you advertising your course content, all I saw was stats showing how many students got placed at FANG
I respect Scaler for few things, Postpaid model being one of them :)

Edit 1: You getting 12 upvotes in 3 minutes and my +8 becoming 0 all of a sudden do ring some bells

Charge iff the student gets a job by your referrals, is it too much to ask
Or even better get a list of companies by the student while you are enrolling them stating if you get a job (irrespective of the student accepting the offer or not) at these companies then and then only you pay us (Whatever % your agreement states)
You can decide if you wish to enrol the student or not else everyone might enrol just stating Google in the wishlist (Decide companies by the test you people are taking already during entrance).
9/10 students enrol for referrals and not actually learning what you people are teaching so charging them for jobs which they secure from other sources is just stupid.
If you actually "Do what you do, why you do" these changes should be fine

On vovuhCodeforces Round #636 (Div. 3), 3 months ago

I'll leave the analysis to you but pretty sure it is O(N^3) (I could be wrong) 77584222

On vovuhCodeforces Round #636 (Div. 3), 3 months ago

Great explanation, Thank you :D

On vovuhCodeforces Round #636 (Div. 3), 3 months ago

Try printing out the input when current case = 320, add few ifs so that the solution does not fail on cases 1,2 and 3

On vovuhCodeforces Round #636 (Div. 3), 3 months ago

IMO D was difficult for a normal Div #3 contest, wasted a lot of time on D :(

Did you prepare a report on how you made this meme?
Ma'am would need it on her table by the end of the session, else the entire team will be penalised!

Scaler is fraud.

last_death would appreciate your views regarding how trashy scaler is.
Ps: He is the guy in This video

How come they are always incompetent?
They are just exploiting the insecurities of students from Tier 3 colleges.

On Um_nikMost annoying person on CF, 6 months ago

Is the script for add on tree's proof part is broken or is it not loading just for me?

On DmitryGrigorevCodeforces Round #569, 13 months ago

That's what she said, not sure if it was about div2B :-/

On DmitryGrigorevCodeforces Round #569, 13 months ago

Sorry :-/

On DmitryGrigorevCodeforces Round #569, 13 months ago

did you take your memory pill??

On DmitryGrigorevCodeforces Round #569, 13 months ago

Don't remember asking you.