Available groups
Group name Creator Creation time
_Rama Apr/29/2014 19:07
Zuza Apr/22/2014 18:08
Fefer_Ivan Apr/14/2014 17:09
Deamon Apr/12/2014 13:17
mrtempo Jan/21/2014 21:52
Fefer_Ivan Jan/17/2014 16:47
ikbal Jan/03/2014 23:14
This group is intended for those Armenians who are interested in competitive programming.
harhrayr Dec/31/2013 17:00
Azat_Yusupov Dec/27/2013 07:25
Vinnytsia National Technical University sports programming training group.
Igel_SK Dec/26/2013 17:58
Private group for members of the Algorithms Club at ESCOM-IPN.
Garo9521 Nov/29/2013 03:41
barty Nov/27/2013 09:40
Mozyr, CYF
sdryapko Nov/24/2013 19:20
This group is for all the members of codeforces from IIIT-Hyderabad.
Smit Nov/24/2013 15:58
Beijing Institute of Technology ACM-ICPC team.
lxc Nov/24/2013 12:56
Kvark161 Nov/23/2013 15:20
Group for training to ACM ICPC
Timur_Sitdikov Nov/23/2013 14:28
Series of trainings, which are held every Wednesday, starting at 12:10 (UTC). These trainings are mostly for teams, because of the main purpose is to prepare to compete in ACM-ICPC official contests.

Trainings are held by Programming Competitions Training Center of Saratov State U.

Season 01 is helding in the second part of 2013.
MikeMirzayanov Nov/22/2013 18:59
Brings together lovers of ACM-ICPC from Cambridge
gen Oct/26/2013 05:26