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# Name   Sort desc. Sort desc.
1315C Submit  x2796
1315B Submit  x2603
1315A Submit  x3855
1313E Submit  x59
1313D Submit  x120
1313C2 Submit  x1473
1313C1 Submit  x3283
1313B Submit  x2441
1313A Submit  x6091
Submit  x10
Submit  x44
1310D Submit  x357
1310C Submit  x71
Submit  x150
1310A Submit  x1560
1307G Submit 3000  x90
1307F Submit 3200  x145
1307E Submit 2400  x564
1307D Submit 1900  x2668
1307C Submit 1500  x5194
1307B Submit 1300  x6995
1307A Submit 800  x9228
1304F2 Submit 2600  x537
1304F1 Submit 2400  x727
1304E Submit 2000  x2105
1304D Submit 1800  x3148
1304C Submit 1500  x6639
1304B Submit 1100  x9226
1304A Submit 800  x11865
1303G Submit 2700  x186
1303F Submit 2800  x174
1303E Submit 2200  x1184
1303D Submit 1800  x3156
1303C Submit 1500  x5597
1303B Submit 1300  x7891
1303A Submit 700  x12076
Submit  x8
Submit  x1
Submit  x6
Submit  x21
1302F Submit  x62
Submit  x41
Submit  x66
1302C Submit  x322
1302B Submit  x132
Submit  x266
1301F Submit 2700  x411
1301E Submit 2500  x589
1301D Submit 1900  x2215
1301C Submit 1700  x4571
1301B Submit 1500  x6829
1301A Submit 800  x10818
1300B Submit 1000  x9956
1300A Submit 700  x11685
1299E Submit 3400  x45
1299D Submit 2900  x155
1299C Submit 2100  x1999
1299B Submit 1800  x3427
1299A Submit 1500  x6487
1296F Submit 2400  x1342
1296E2 Submit 2100  x2215
1296E1 Submit 1800  x3210
1296D Submit 1500  x6879
1296C Submit 1500  x7180
1296B Submit 1000  x13279
1296A Submit 800  x14736
1295F Submit 2600  x350
1295E Submit 2200  x1322
1295D Submit 1800  x3857
1295C Submit 1600  x5886
1295B Submit 1700  x5389
1295A Submit 900  x12943
1294F Submit 2100  x2278
1294E Submit 2000  x2742
1294D Submit 1600  x5741
1294C Submit 1300  x11130
1294B Submit 1200  x11354
1294A Submit 900  x16373
1293B Submit 1000  x10853
1293A Submit 1100  x9260
1292F Submit 3400  x42
1292E Submit 3500  x85
1292D Submit 2700  x407
1292C Submit 2300  x1048
1292B Submit 1800  x3468
1292A Submit 1400  x7701
1291F Submit 2700  x143
1291B Submit 1300  x7238
1291A Submit 1000  x9905
Submit 3500  x34
1290E Submit 3200  x49
1290D Submit 2900  x227
1290C Submit 2400  x782
1290B Submit 1900  x2611
1290A Submit 1700  x4869
1288F Submit 2900  x130
1288E Submit 2100  x1612
1288D Submit 2000  x2895
1288C Submit 1600  x5104
1288B Submit 1100  x9782