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Given a weighted undirected graph , a source vertex(s) and x distinct vertices as Delivery Location (d1 , d2 , d3 .. dx) assuming that each rider travels at 1m/s what is the min time required to complete all the deliveries if you have m drivers originating from the source simultainously , and also the path followed by them.

( it is guarented that reaching all delivery locations from the source vertex is possible )

input format -

n m s                            //n vertices and m edges s is the source vertex

v11 v12 w1                         //vertices connected with weight w

v21 v22 w2


vm1 vm2 wm

x                            // no of delivery locations 1<= x < n

d1 , d2 , d3 , d4 .... dx               //delivery vertices (d[i] != s for all 1 <= i <= x)

output format - (m+1 lines first line should contain the min time required and all others m lines should include paths followed by drivers from 1 to m)

t               //min time to complete all deliveries

1->3->5               // path followed by first delivery guy

1->2->1->5               // path followed by second delivery guy

1->               path followed by third delivery guy (it may be possible that this delivery person didn't moved so his path finished at source only)

(all paths should start from source only)

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