All Indian who are doing CP for JOBS/INTERNSHIP

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Hello Everyone from India ==================

I am from top iit(but no body cares). - I have devoted my 2 years of undergraduate for cp - doing ok in it high expert and 5 * on chef

  • I kept wrong hopes as all indian keep
  • ** CP gives JOB **
  • just because I have no web dev knowledge makes me unfit for internships "wahho"
  • my dumb friends have got tones of internships and they have money to buy food without their parent money. And what I am doing "typing on keyboard day and night to get AC on problems"

  • Now a days I don't feel like doing cp as it has never given me something except frustration.

  • Now I have no time left to do web dev or any things.
  • I really don't blame to cp. It is a common myth in india.

Tip for junior ------------------ Never hope that cp will give you jobs "even in iit's {fuc.. this institution paid 3lakhs just to jump from buildings } let's end this If anyone has doubts or suggestion please comment -

HOPE Codeforces doesn't deletes this blog

BYE good night CP

Thank You codeforces for unemployment


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