Sadly My experience as a problem setter at HackerEarth

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Update 2: Thanks all for this support I have sent another email to Tripti and I have received my money. This show how codeforces community is strong

Hi all, I have made a problem In HackerEarth Jan 2022 and I still didn't receive my money

On 15 Dec, 2021(Yes it's been a long time !!!) Arpa sent an email to all problem setters with instructions on how to use the platform that we should write the problem.

Arpa was really friendly and was too helpful.

After the contest, I received email that I should fill a form to receive my money for January Easy Setting (my PayPal account link and details about the problems I set) After 2 months I didn't receive anything and emailed them and tried to contact Kumar Yadav) and got no response.

It's too sad that I can't get my money for the problem and I wish that no one in the future will face this like me.

Update: this is an image for all emails relate to invoice

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