Screencast and explanation of some problems of Codeforces Round #814 (Div. 1)

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I got to the 41st place in Codeforces Round #814 (Div. 1), which quite surprised me because my last several contests were also pretty lucky, not to say in this contest I was extremely slow in solving the problem A. Still I followed the tenet from the never_giveup's handle and finished the contest, it happened to be not that bad. Moreover, I beat my personal best of rating. I screencast and explained 1718A2 - Burenka and Traditions (hard version), 1718B - Fibonacci Strings, 1718C - Tonya and Burenka-179 and partly 1718D - Permutation for Burenka from this contest here:

Feel free to watch and leave your invaluable feedback!

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