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Graph to Review your Codeforces Performance

Revision en8, by desikachariar, 2015-07-22 16:08:51

Hello guys,

What I felt I needed to track my growth is a graph that keeps track of how many submissions I do in a given time frame. So I wrote a JAVA code that calculates the number of submissions I did (you can choose the x axis range. It can be per day for 50 days or per week for 50 weeks or whatever). This project is available for everyone. Just mention your "frequency required" and your handle and behold, it gives you your performance. It counts unofficial submissions too. Calculates how many submissions you did and in that how many were correct. Some error handling or exceptions were not done. Sorry for that part.

Download the .jar file here from DROPBOX

Please tell me if either you want to improve this or you have some issues. Also tell me if this feature is already there somewhere else. Hope everyone gains out of it!

EDIT 1: Project updated with better GUI.

EDIT 2: Minor bug corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks to JohStraat

EDIT 3: Minor bug fixed. SourceForge link is outdated. Will be updated soon.

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