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Hi everybody :)

There were several topics about live streams recently (24h event by Mimino at HackerRank, live streams with enot.1.10 solving Timus...). I already have an experience of making a screencast, and now I am also going to try live streaming.

Streaming real contests isn't a good idea :) Also I am not a huge fan of solving OJ; so the question of choosing idea for first stream is still open.

Right now I think that the best idea would be to open SPOJ (I was never really active at this OJ, there are not a lot of problems solved at my account there — and I have a lot of easy problems remaining) and start solving some tasks there. But I am open to suggestions and ideas)

I am not aiming at making it very interesting/entertaining (so maybe it will be simply about me listening to music and writing code... so boring...); also I am not going to do some lecturing or things like that — I am both not good enough for it and not interested in it:)

Maybe it will be a long one (24 hours does not sound like a limit) — or maybe it will be too boring for me and I'll stop very soon.

I'll update this post with more details later :) Hope to see some nice ideas in comments.

UPD. Probably I'll start a session on Monday morning, I'll try solving easy SPOJ problems (and maybe also some tasks which you had suggested) and I'll use Twitch, as heaton suggested. Need to get familiar with it now :) I'll post a link and any further updates here.

UPD. #2 Here is Twitch channel. I'll start approximately at 6 A.M. on Monday.

UPD. #3 Approximate schedule of future streams has been published at Twitch channel.

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