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URSPC 2015

Revision en3, by Um_nik, 2015-10-11 00:32:51

I would like to invite you to participate in Ural Regional School Programming Contest.

It is the Ural's qualifying round for All-Russian School Programming Contest and I think that it can be good opportunity for schoolboys to take part in this contest. It will be interesting for students too, I suppose.

Contest starts at 17 October 11:00 MSK at the same time with the onsite contest.

The problemsetters are Um_nik, Umqra, kb., hx0, Merkurev, KuchumovIlya, droptable (spoiler: it's not about palindromes).

Duration of the contest is 5 hours, ACM ICPC rules. Problem statements will be both in Russian and English. Link to the contest page

Tags ural, timus


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