Codeforces Round #343 (Div. 2)

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Hello, Codeforces!

I have the pleasure to invite you to the round #343 which is going to take place on Saturday!

The problemsetters are Me (MrNull) and Daneshvar Amrollahi (dkjsfkhg). We would also like to thank Alireza Tofighi (ATofighi) and Ali Bahjati LiTi for testing this round and helping preparing this round.

We thank Gleb Evstropov (GlebsHP) for his help in preparing the contest, Maria Belova (Delinur) for translating the statements into Russian, and, of course, MikeMirzayanov for unique Codeforces and Polygon platforms.

this contest's Hero is Famile Door and his friends who are preparing his birthday party!

Famile Door

Scoring will be announced a couple of minutes before the contest begins. Best of luck to everyone!

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