A doubt on VK Cup 2016

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The VK Cup 2016 is starting soon and I want to compete in all of it's rounds, I don't speak russian, and I'm willing to compete using statements google or yandex translated.

My main concern is: Mike (Mirzayanov) already said some of the rounds will be translated, and of course it will be a lot better to compete using correctly (by humans) translated statements, and now I wonder, if I register for official rounds like the first qualification (russian speaking people only) can I later don't participate in let's say official round 1, to compete in unofficial (yet in english) version of the round, or must I keep in the 'official' versions?

Formalizing, I want to maximize numbers of rounds where I participate, and as a tie breaker, I want to maximize the number of 'real english' rounds where I participate, then what should I do, in particular, should I compete in this qualification round??

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