StopStalk: Tool to maintain your algorithmic progress

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Hello guys! I want to present before you an awesome tool StopStalk to keep track of your friends' submissions on various competitive websites(Codeforces, UVa, Timus, Codechef, Spoj, HackerEarth, HackerRank).

And that is just not it. It has a lot of other features —

  1. Streak notifier of your friends

  2. Feel like solving algorithmic problems — Why go to Codeforces and search for a problem? Solve problems from across all the platforms. Search a problem by tag. See which friends have solved that problem and what is the difficulty level of the problem.

  3. Want to solve problems that other coders are solving recently - We got a list of trending problems both globally and also amongst your friends.

  4. A global leaderboard along with a unique rating which includes submissions from all the websites.

  5. Do you forget contests? — We got a list of upcoming contests and an option to remind you 30 mins before the contest starts.

  6. Do you often remember some friend's submission on a particular site and want to view that submission — We got you covered. We have a filter page to find exactly what you want.

  7. If you add a custom friend only you can see his/her submissions. This is useful when one of your friend is not on StopStalk or not accepting your friend request! Though the better method will be to invite him/her on StopStalk. And a lot more!!!

The goal is to keep people motivated in algorithmic programming and solve more and more problems. And yeah we do have a referral program. Just share your StopStalk handle after registering with your friends and ask them to enter while registering.

 Also you get these awesome Laptop Stickers for just making friends. Increase your network of friends and enjoy its perks. Stickers will be dispatched on 11th April.

Register now

If you already have start making friends to get more and more stickers.

The code is completely Open Source: Github

Facebook page

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Happy StopStalking! ‪#‎StopStalk‬

EDIT: 33000+ users globally started StopStalking !

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