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Hi Codeforces Community,

HackerRank is going to arrange a game theory educational contest on May 13th.

The contest will be 5 days long. In each day we will release 2-4 problems. The first day will contain adhoc games, the second day will contain Nim games, the third day will contain Grundy games and last two days will contain some interesting games involving DP, greedy and Mathematics.

The problem-setters for this round are allllekssssa, forthright48 and me. Thanks to wanbo for helping to prepare the round.

The contest will be interesting to anyone who just started learning Game Theory. Last two days will contain interesting problems for everyone.

Top 10 in the leader-board will get a t-shirt.

Hope everyone will enjoy the contest!

Happy coding.

Update: The contest is starting in less than an hour.

Update: The contest has ended. I hope you learned something new from this contest. The editorials are now available. Please share your opinion in comments.

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