HackerRank World Codesprint #4

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Hello CodeForces Community!

I am glad to share that HackerRank's World Codesprint #4 is scheduled on 25-June-2016 at 9am PST / 4pm UTC / 9:30pm IST UTC. Contest duration is 24 hours.

You can win up to $2000 Amazon gift cards/bitcoins, medals and t-shirts. [Note: Winners from US and India will receive Amazon Gift Cards. Winners from other countries will receive equivalent USD amount in bitcoins.]

The contest is sponsored by Monsanto, Indeed Prime, Memiah, Argos, Level(3), Rocketfuel and Cloud Academy

The problems were prepared by Zemen, svanidz1, Fedoriaka, sgtlaugh, nabila_ahmed, and myself. Thanks to niyaznigmatul, ikbal, dans, adamant and muratt for testing and pre-solving the challenges. Except couple of problems, the statements are really short :).

The contest will be rated. If two person gets the same score, the person who reached the score first will be ranked higher.

Score of the problems are: 15-25-50-60-80-90-100

Update: The contest has ended. Congratulation to the winners:






Happy Coding!

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