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Hello Codeforces,

I am currently located in Turkmenistan and (I believe) for some political reasons ISPs here have blocked most of the websites (Facebook, Youtube, etc have long been blocked here before. When I mean "most" I mean almost any website hosted outside of Turkmenistan and Russia. That's just an observation though). Codeforces is one of the few websites I can currently access. So I decided to ask for a help here.

Would anyone owning an online server (vps, cloud, etc. anything I can ssh into and use as proxy) be kind enough to give me their ssh credentials (or even better/more secure would be to add a new user to the server for me), so that I can bypass the firewall?

I have a cloud server running on Amazon AWS. But I can not use it as proxy or vpn, because it is blocked as well.

Please comment below if you are able to help.


P.S. Sorry for baity title.


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