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Hello everyone!

I am glad to invite you to the 11th edition of HourRank. The contest starts on August 2nd 16:30 UTC (View local time).

HourRank is a super short one hour long algorithmic contest. This time we will have 3 challenges, created by me, _shil and forthright48. As always, thanks to wanbo for testing the challenges and thanks to pkacprzak for helping with editorials.

There are subtasks in each of the problems, so I strongly encourage you to read all the problems.

Participants are ranked by score. If two participants have the same score, the one who reached the score first, wins.

Top-10 contestants will get a HackerRank Tshirt.

In the last round no one was able to get perfect score (though all the problems were solved). Let's see what happens in this round!

Update: scoring 30-50-75

The contest ended. The editorials are now open. Congrats to the winners:






Only top 4 got the perfect score. Congrats to all.

I hope you liked the round, please share your feedbacks.

Happy Coding!

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