HackerRank World Codesprint 7

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Hello CodeForces Community!

I am glad to share that HackerRank's World Codesprint 7 is scheduled on 24-September-2016 at 16:00 UTC. Contest duration is 48 hours.

The contest is sponsored by Cardlytics, Ready-talk, Indeed Prime, NCR, Coursera and Sonoma. Contest site will be continually updated to reflect upcoming sponsors.

The problems were prepared by Zemen, malcolm, muratt, svanidz1, forthright48, Nabila_ahmed and Shafaet. Thanks to wanbo, dans, ikbal, allllekssssa and niyaznigmatul for testing/pre-solving the problems.

The contest will be rated. If two person gets same score, the person who reached the score first will be ranked higher.

Update: The contest has ended, the editorials are available now. We will announce the winners and update the ratings soon. Meanwhile, let's discuss about the problems!


Only two guys got full score in this contest in 48 hours, they are:

3 guys got 390 out of 400:

This suggests that the problem-set was very hard. Apart from the coders in top two, there are two other coders ("Ayman Eltemsahi" and "Ivan Livinsky") who solved the last problem but they are not in top-10.

See you next time!

Happy coding!

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