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Start your new year with Hourrank 16 on 2nd January, 2017. You have just 1 hour to solve 3 algorithmic problems.

The chief author of the round is svanidz1. Thanks to extraVirgin20, malcolm for testing. And finally thanks to wild_hamster for helping to finalize the problems and dataset.

If two person has the same score, the one who reached the score first will win. There are subtasks in some of the problems, so I highly recommend you to read all the problems.

I wish you high ratings in the new year!

Update: The contest is starting in 5 mins.

Scoring: 15-25-60-70

The contest has ended, congrats to the winners:

The editorials are live, ratings are being updated.

Please wait for 6-8 weeks for the prizes.

Happy Coding!

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