2016 China Collegiate Programming Contest Finals

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Hello, everybody!

Some of clever you maybe already noticed, 2016-2017 ACM-ICPC China Finals were already available in gym several days ago, and I'm glad to share another contest with you on this weekends.

China Collegiate Programming Contest is a local algorithm contest held since last year. This year, it has 3 regional as well as 1 finals. The finals have been hold 2 weeks ago before the ACM-ICPC China Finals, many of us regarded it as a rare practice chance before the latter one.

I think most of you on Codeforces haven't seen the problems yet, so this time, I'd like to schedule a virtual contest with you guys on 2017, Jan. 7th, 12:30:00 (MSK).

Thanks for mathlover who help me import the scoreboard!

Good luck and have fun!


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