an issue with Round 407 Div2 B

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i had this conversation with the Judge in the middle of the contest:

"Masha writes all progression terms one by one onto the board (including repetitive) while condition |bi| ≤ l is satisfied (|x| means absolute value of x). There is an exception: if a term equals one of the "bad" integers, Masha skips it (doesn't write onto the board) and moves forward to the next term."

So masha writes on the board while |bi|<=l according to my English. Not masha generates the sequence while |bi|<=l and writes if the other conditions are satisfied.

similar approach sentence: i should go up while the light is on, does that mean if the light goes off and then on again i don't go up?

according to the problem settler, he should "STOP GENERATING" the sequence when |bi|<=l , which is not mentioned in the problem statement.

i sent the wrong solution as a test, after wasting the whole contest trying to find if my solution has something wrong,

in case you don't know why this would matter

test case: 10 0 9 1 1 answer : inf

judge's answer: 0

i hope this will be addressed.


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