My last two-month training before NOI(Chinese National Olympiad of Informatics)

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Just several hours ago, JSOI2017(the selection contest in my province) ended, and I ended up with rank 5. Finally, I could go to NOI(Chinese National Olympiad of Informatics, more details can be found here), which will be held in July. Although rank 5 is pretty good, there's still a wide gap between top 4 and me(congrats to the top 4 who may get a 5-point bonus in NOI). This means I have to learn more and train harder, so here comes the post. In this post, I'm gonna record my daily training and contests during the last two and a half months. I hope keeping updating will push me to train harder and also improve my English in the same time. The problems mentioned here may be easier than those mentioned in matthew99's and Petr's blog, but I'll do my best to make this post great. Hope you may like it. :)

Codeforces Round #411 will start in less than one hour. I'll make my first record after it. Wish everyone good luck.

My performance in the contest was a complete flop. I was too sleepy to code problem C and D, though they were not too difficult. I was exhausted after the two-day provincial-team-selecting contest. Maybe all I need now is just a good rest. I will solve the problems left in the contest after that and share with you later.

May 6th

I solved problem B of Petr Mitrichev Contest 1. The problem is not too difficult. The key is that if we know the value of A(1, j) and A(i, 1), then we can calculate all A(i, j). Then the problem becomes whether there exists some values of A(1, j) and A(i, 1) such that all A(i, j) is between 0 and 1. For two elements A(i, 1) and A(1, j), we have some limits that it's impossible for A(i, 1) = x and A(1, j) = y simultaneously. So the problem becomes a 2-SAT.

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